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Project Green YVR Resources



Project Green YVR Pop-Up Banners


If you are hosting environmental events and would like to highlight your participation in Project Green YVR, you can borrow the Project Green YVR pop-up banners. They are available in English and French and can be reserved by contacting [email protected].


Anti-Idling Signage


Bilingual, metal anti-idling signs are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis to post in parking lots and loading areas. To request one or more signs, please contact [email protected].

Energy-Efficient Products and Equipment

Next time your business is replacing energy-consuming products, from lighting and HVAC equipment to office products and commercial appliances, consult the searchable product list maintained by Natural Resources Canada.

Energy-Efficiency Case Studies

The Airport Authority will be developing case studies to profile successful energy-efficiency projects by Sea Island businesses. They will be added to the resources page, as they become available. If you have an idea for a case study, please connect with [email protected].

  • Vancouver Airport Authority Case Studies
    • Using DDC Optimization to Conserve Energy (pdf)
    • Rethinking Lighting Levels to Conserve Energy (pdf)
    • Using Technology & Employee Engagement to Save Energy (pdf)
  • BC Public Sector Case Studies


Waste Wars

Each spring, food and beverage vendors at YVR compete in Waste Wars – a friendly competition that rewards staff and businesses who sort waste and recycling best. This guide explains how to run your own Waste Wars and increase waste diversion at your workplace.

  • Waste Wars: The Complete Guide (pdf)

Zero Waste Catering

Use this checklist to minimize waste each time catering is ordered. Distribute it to employees and make zero-waste catering the standard at your workplace.

  • Zero Waste Catering Checklist (pdf)

Metro Vancouver Recycles

For residents and businesses in the lower mainland, donating or recycling just about anything is easy using this quick lookup tool.


Water-Efficient Products

The Airport Authority has produced a quick reference guide for businesses on Sea Island who are looking to reduce potable by replacing or retrofitting workplace equipment.

  • Waterwise @YVR: A Guide to Buying Water-Efficient Equipment (pdf)

Consult this list of water-saving products the next time you are purchasing washroom fixtures and irrigation equipment.

Water Conservation Strategies

Consult these resources to discover water conservation strategies and what they mean for your business.

  • Metro Vancouver Drinking Water Conservation Plan: Summary (pdf)

Sea Island Ecosystem Health

Hazardous Materials Posters

Hang up these posters in your workplace to ensure your staff are informed about hazardous materials management and spill response. Download pdf versions below or request high resolution, colour posters by contacting [email protected].

  • Hazardous Materials Management (pdf)

  • Spills on Airport Property (pdf)


In 2016, YVR became the first airport in the world to achieve Salmon Safe Certification. See our information sheet and videos below or contact [email protected] to find out how your business can do your part to protect the Fraser River.

  • Salmon-Safe and Musqueam at YVR Airport (pdf)
  • Invasive Plant Removal and Ecosystem Restoration on Sea Island (pdf)
  • YVR is Salmon-Safe (video)
  • Salmon-Safe: Taking Action and Building Relationships (video)
  • Improving Ecosystem Health at YVR: Invasive Species Removal(video)

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