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Improving Ecosystem Health

Our goal is to reduce our impact on the natural environment. We will expand these efforts until our projects create a net positive affect on Sea Island biodiversity.

YVR is working to improve air and water quality and the amount of protected habitat on Sea Island. We're minimizing wildlife hazards to aviation safety, removing invasive species and reducing use of pesticides.

In our Environmental Management Plan, you'll find many of our Improving Ecosystem Health strategies, including:

  • Monitoring and maintaining water and ambient air quality
  • Using centralized de-icing facilities
  • Identifying and removing harmful invasive plant species
  • Protecting natural areas in and around YVR
  • Reducing wildlife collisions with help from the Raptor Program
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of airfield drainage modifications to manage wildlife
  • Participating in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup every year since 2012 at Iona Beach Regional Park

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