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October 2023 EAC Minutes

Meeting date: October 12, 2023  Meeting time:  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Microsoft Teams Prepared by:  Brenden McBain
In attendance: Wendy Avis
Brenden McBain
Karen Wong
Bijan Pourarimi
Eddie Uyeda 
Babak Behnia 
Cynthia Zhou
Morgan Guerin 
Derek Jennejohn  
Taylor Groenewoud 
Rene McKibbin
YVR, Climate and Environment – Chair 
YVR, Climate and Environment 
City of Vancouver 
City of Vancouver Citizen Rep 
Transport Canada 
City of Richmond 
City of Richmond Citizen Rep 
Musqueam Indian Band / YVR 
Metro Vancouver (stand-in) 
Environment and Climate Change Canada 
Canadian Wildlife Service (ECCC) 
Guests/Presenters: Andrea Price 
David McPhie 
Yeganeh Asadian 
Simon Robinson 
YVR, Climate and Environment
YVR, Climate and Environment 
YVR, Climate and Environment 
YVR, Climate and Environment 
Regrets: Shelina Sidi 
June Ryder 
Myrka Manzo 
Mary Point 
Erin Weckworth 
Judy Williams 
Metro Vancouver 
Nature Conservancy BC 
Air Canada 
YVR, Indigenous Relations 
Fraser Basin Council 
Fraser River Coalition 
Secretary: Brenden McBain YVR, Climate and Environment

Meeting Minutes

1. Introductions & Welcome

Wendy welcomed the committee and shared the meeting etiquette. Wendy acknowledged that YVR is on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam people and the importance of the 30-year agreement in place to support our relationship. Wendy welcomed members, ran through the meeting agenda, and encouraged participants to share their comments and questions as well as taking breaks throughout the meeting.   

2. Review of previous minutes

No comments or questions were raised regarding the draft meeting minutes from the May 4, 2023, meeting. As such they will be adopted as final and posted at in English and French. There were no action items from the meeting.  

3. Airport Authority Updates

Wendy updated the committee that Yeganeh Asadian and Brenden McBain were successful in the recent competition for Manager of Climate and Environment. Yeganeh comes to YVR from Musqueam’s environmental stewardship team. Wendy also announced a new role within the team specializing on archaeology which is expected to be filled early 2024 in addition to backfilling Brenden’s prior role.  

Wendy updated the committee on the busy summer period and return of air travel in almost all areas above pre-pandemic levels. From a customer experience perspective Wendy highlighted the recently awarded Airports Council International (ACI) Customer Experience Accreditation Level 1 – the second in Canada - and touched on the YVRexpress program and provided an operational snapshot of the summer including number of passengers, bags, total flights, and associated metrics.  

October was Circulate Economy Month as well as Waste Reduction week. Wendy let the committee know that the waste sortation stations within the food courts were back up and running which will help contribute to our diversion from landfill.  

Finally, the committee also learned about the recently completed Musqueam gathering place at Domestic Arrivals area which opened on August 9th, the UN’s international day of indigenous peoples. The gathering place features a 600-year-old red cedar log canoe and is a place learn about history and traditions to allow visitors to gain more appreciation of the unceded and occupied lands of the Musqueam people. 

4. 2023 Strategic Energy Management and Net Zero Projects at YVR 

Andrea Price, the YVR energy manager, introduced herself and provided an overview of the BC Hydro Energy Management program, the YVR Energy Optimization team and progress on the YVR Roadmap to Net Zero by 2030. Andrea reviewed projects from 2023 including the International Terminal Building boiler replacement, phase 2 of the Main Terminal lighting project, as well as purchase of bio-diesel and renewable natural gas for our buildings and fleet. Near-term projects like heat pump upgrades to the domestic terminal hot water loop, additional groundside chargers, and the testing hydrogen vehicles were also shared.  

Several questions were raised by the committee including the role of halocarbons (refrigerants) on the Airport Authority emissions footprint (leaks from equipment), where hydrogen is being purchased from (HTEC, just off Sea-Island), as well as how long-term electric vehicle charging works (YVR has several in long-term value lot and Park and Fly, our strategy is currently under review).  

5. Update on Development Projects at YVR

Simon Robinson provided the committee with a high-level summary of new, active, and completed development projects. One new development project was highlighted, the Air Canada Flight Simulator Building expansion near the main hangar on Grant McConachie Way. Updates on several projects occurring at YVR were providing including the Taxiway A expansion, South airfield improvements, CargoJet warehouse, South Field Electrical Centre, Ferguson Road Realignment, Jacob Brothers precast facility and VAFFC fuel delivery project, with the latter two being tenant based projects. The committee inquired about where asphalt and concrete are procured from. Simon responded that gravel and sand are brought and batched onsite. Asphalt is sourced nearby but offsite. Another committee member inquired about if construction activities would be incorporated into scope 3 emissions the way aircraft emissions are currently. Simon acknowledged that have been collecting data related to this over the last few years as well as having a carbon management plan. We are working with our consultant on reviewing how we are expanding our reporting for construction. Simon inquired about Metro Vancouvers construction emissions and suggested it would be good to compare practices and information. 

6. Round Table and Discussion

Canadian Wildlife Services shared their recent work on a restoration project within the Sea Island Conservation Area (SICA) which included planting of over 1200 scrubs and trees as well as removal of scotch broom and knotweed. Planting work is expected to continue in 2024 albeit with a reduced scope due to dike construction conflicts. Derek from Metro Vancouver shared their new emissions bylaw amendments for boiler and process heaters to reduce nitrous oxide emissions (NOX). Finally, Transport Canada shared their plans to release a tender for remedial work at YVR to address historic contamination. Concerns were raised by one member regarding the pending Fukushima wastewater release into the Pacific Ocean in Japan. The member followed up and shared the stemming the tide report published by Greenpeace East Asia and Greenpeace Japan in 2020 for information to the group.    

7. Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, January 18, 2024 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Thursday, May 2, 2024 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Thursday, October 17, 2024 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

Summer tour – TBD, some discussion from group about including tour alongside May meeting.  

Next Meeting Date: Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 1 p.m.

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