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BCUC Application for Exemption

Vancouver Airport Authority has applied to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (the "BCUC") for an exemption from certain provisions of the Utilities Commission Act that would otherwise apply to the Airport Authority's resale of natural gas to tenants at YVR. The purpose of the application is to allow the Airport Authority to continue reselling natural gas to its tenants in the terminal, without having to comply with some of the regulatory requirements that would otherwise apply to a public utility in B.C. A copy of the application (as amended June 11, 2021) is available here.

The BCUC has established a written public comment process for review of the Airport Authority’s application – you can see the BCUC’s order here. If you would like to participate in the application process, or provide comments on the Airport Authority’s application, you can learn more about how to do so by reviewing this public notice from BCUC.

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