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Airport Zoning FAQs

Is YVR building a new runway?

No. There are no current plans to build a new runway at YVR.

The Airport Authority has identified the potential need for additional runway capacity within the next 30 years to meet growing traffic demands. This has been reflected in our external land use plans for more than 10 years, including Master Plan 2027 and Master Plan 2037.

If we determine that it is necessary to build an additional runway, a separate comprehensive multi-year consultation will take place. Issues such as environmental impact, noise, possible effects on community and the process of construction will all be explored with all affected stakeholders.

Why go through the AZR application now, if YVR isn’t sure the additional runway is necessary?

As part of ongoing airport management, Vancouver Airport Authority engages in both short- and longer-term planning to ensure YVRs operations maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency and that YVR delivers on its mandate to be an economic generator for the province of BC.

Applying for a new AZR at this time is prudent and essential. It ensures that the airspace will be free from obstacles when the time comes to proceed with one of the future runway options. This is imperative to the safe operation of the airport, which is our top priority.

Have you consulted with the City of Richmond? How are property owners going to be impacted?

As the AZRs are federal regulations, Transport Canada sets the consultation process with respect to AZRs, including the timing of notifications to affected stakeholders. As the governing body responsible for enacting and maintaining AZRs across Canada, they have the most informed knowledge of when it will make the most sense to interact with potentially affected landowners.

YVR has worked closely with the City of Richmond throughout this process to ensure the municipality was aware of – and had ample time to adjust to – community plans that could be affected by possible regulatory change.

We have also worked together to find solutions for several developments most likely to be impacted by our proposed AZRs. We want to minimize the impact of the new AZRs on the community and developers while ensuring relevant airspace will be protected for future operations.   

Why send an AZR application to Transport Canada before it goes to public consultation? 

We are following Transport Canada’s prescribed process. As the body responsible for the creation, amendment and enforcement of AZRs across the country, Transport Canada has a stringent consultation process that specifically identifies the sequence of steps.

Transport Canada must complete a technical and legal review of the proposed AZR before the consultation process can begin. This is to ensure that the proposed AZR meets all the technical standards and requirements for safe airport and aircraft operations and meets all the legal requirements for enactment as a federal regulation.

So when will you consult with the community about AZRs?

We are in the early stages of the application process governed by Transport Canada.

Once Transport Canada has completed a preliminary review and accepts our draft application for further processing, there will be a comprehensive public consultation schedule for the proposed AZR plan, with opportunities for stakeholders to provide comments.

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