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Staying Ahead of COVID

As we pave the path to a post pandemic world, we anticipate COVID-19 and its effects will endure for several years. The elevated complexity of travel during this time due to rapidly changing and often confusing requirements around vaccinations, testing and quarantine requires us to be at the forefront of those changes. With that, our plan first addresses how we will deal with the challenges and uncertainties of the next normal. We will continue to work closely with various levels of government and our business partners to coordinate our efforts on changing COVID-19 measures.

  • We are adapting to changing travel measures by improving our operating efficiency and passenger experience process. We will continue to adapt, test and learn how to meet the future needs of our passengers and to build efficient and resilient operations.  
  • Timely and targeted data investments will ensure we have the right information to stay ahead of, and adapt to, the challenges of navigating through the pandemic to ensure YVR is designed to thrive in the future. 

 2022-2024 Strategic Plan Learn More

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