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Purpose Through People

At our core, we are a people business and are collectively driven by our purpose—to serve our community and the economy that supports it. 


Operating a safe airport has always been integral to our organization and as we come out of this pandemic, we have a unique opportunity to reflect and redefine how we take the safety of our organization and airport to the next level for the benefit of our people and the travelling public.


We will continue to adapt to the changing expectations of how we work as a result of the pandemic while fostering a culture in which everyone is seen, has a voice and is heard. We will work together to define a path to our future which has three intersecting streams.

  • Built for purpose: We will evolve how we work by creating flexible, dynamic and cross-functional teams while leveraging further defining roles to ensure current and future work requirements are addressed and to drive organizational accountability.
  • Talent strategy: We will connect engagement with business performance and provide the framework to support, develop, reward our talented employees. We will learn from the past and adapt for the future through a strategy of “At YVR we all Belong”.
  • Our culture: We are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion where every one of our employees can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. Where people strive to align our individual values, norms and behaviours to the cultural traits of our purpose.

 2022-2024 Strategic Plan Learn More

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