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Financial Sustainability

We will strengthen and diversify our revenue sources to generate sufficient income to meet our current and future operating obligations. While we work to advance our strategic plan, we must do so in a way that improves our profitability and financial resilience in the medium to long term.

As part of our work towards becoming the Gateway to the New Economy. We will identify opportunities to diversify into industries and sections that are outside of aviation and are less reliant on passenger traffic.

  • We will focus on investments which generate value and financial resiliency while also promoting our climate, reconciliation, other social objectives and in support of our community and regional economy.
  • We will weigh the benefits of more investments against debt repayment, to ensure we have a resilient balance sheet in the future.
  • We will continue to hone our financial data, processes and systems to support business decisions.

 2022-2024 Strategic Plan Learn More

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