Advisory: All workers, passengers and people going through YVR must be fully vaccinated.
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Staying Ahead of COVID

The path to a post-pandemic world cannot go over, around or alongside COVID-19. The only way forward is to go through. Therefore, our plan first addresses what it means to operate an airport during a global pandemic and then beyond.

  1. We are continually adapting to evolving travel requirements related to the pandemic while preparing thoughtfully for the return of passengers in a new era of travel.We will invest in digital and data-enhanced technologies to respond to COVID and improve the passenger experience and our operating efficiency. 
  2. We will also invest to ensure we understand the future travel experience and what our partners need from us. 
  3. Timely and targeted data investments will ensure we have the right information to stay ahead of, and adapt to, the challenges of navigating through the pandemic to ensure YVR is designed to thrive in the future. 

2021 strategic plan

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