YVR Tours

Vancouver International Airport is home to incredible works of art, historical anecdotes and unique architecture. We offer a number of different tours tailored to groups or individuals so you can explore YVR either on your own, or as a collective with your very own tour guide. Take a look at the options below, decide what's best for you and apply for your very own YVR Tour!

Explorer Tour

When travelling through YVR we’re often in such a hurry to catch our flight that we don't get to experience all the amazing things around us. That’s why we’re happy to invite the community to take their time to soak in North America’s number one airport on the new YVR Explorer Tour.

Every Friday from March 7 until June 27 the community will have the opportunity to book a guided interactive pre-security tour of YVR, for free! Registration opens January 29. Download application form here.

Self Guided Tours

Have you ever wanted to take a tour at YVR? Maybe you have some extra time to spare while waiting for an arriving flight or you're on a long layover?  Are you planning a day out at the airport with family and friends?  Perhaps you are involved with a community group and looking for things to do on short notice. Our self-guided tours cover a variety of different topics and only take a couple of hours. Check out the self-guided tours page to download a guide.

School Tour Program

Each Fall, Metro Vancouver Grade Five students are invited to take part in The Future Lands Here school tour program that provides a first-hand look at Vancouver International Airport.

During the tour students learn some of the operational aspects of an international airport and take part in educational activities about airport processes, such as how to pack bags for security screening. Students also receive an instructive tour of the public areas of the terminal and learn about some key pieces of First Nation's art on display and the architecture at YVR.

Registration information is sent out to Metro Vancouver schools early in June each year. Schools applying receive confirmation of tour dates by the end of the school year in order to prepare for Fall programming.   

The Future Lands Here program is offered at no charge. It provides access to public areas of the airport only due to security regulations. For more information, contact school_program@yvr.ca.

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