Public Observation Area

Where imaginations soar

Where imaginations soar

Located in the public, pre-security area of the Domestic Terminal, Level 4 and free for all visitors, the Public Observation Area is a great place to meet family and friends. This area is more than just a meeting place, it provides visitors the opportunity to see first-hand an international airport at work and the beauty of Sea Island.

At 500 square-meters, this space features seating for more than 150 people and floor-to-ceiling windows measuring seven metres high and 42 metres in length, offering expansive west-facing views of YVR's busy airfield.

The area offers interpretive elements for visitors to learn more about YVR. Watch a video of the Public Observation Area. 

Telescopes and Information Panels

Complimentary telescopes at the windows provide a close-up view of aircraft landing, taking off and general airfield activity.  As well, information panels feature facts, photos and diagrams about what you might see. Each panel features aircraft silhouettes to help plane-spotters identify aircraft seen at YVR.

Interactive Model of Sea Island

A large scale model offers a unique, bird's-eye perspective of YVR's island home and provides visitors the chance to learn about Sea Island's past and present through the surrounding information panels. Push-button switches on the panels light up key airport features to orient and educate the viewer.

Interactive Kiosks

Touch-screen kiosks illustrate various aspects of the YVR story including past, present and future growth of Vancouver International Airport and exciting airport careers.  Other features include air traffic control listening stations, real-time flight activity viewers and a video that follows the journey of your luggage behind the scenes.

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