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Value Lot

Open area parking with partially covered walk-ways, within walking distance to the Domestic and International terminals. An affordable and convenient option for vacation or business travel.

Value Lot

Value Lot Rates

Half Hour - Express Pay
Half Hour - Cashier


Hour - Express Pay
Hour - Cashier


Daily - Express Pay
Daily - Cashier




 Effective August 1, 2017. All prices include 21% Parking Sales Tax plus 5% GST. 

Value Lot tips

  • Keep your entry token with you: pay at an Express Pay Station on your way back to the car
  • Save time and money: use self-serve express machines at pedestrian entrances and along the covered walkway
  • Exit quickly: once paid, use your token to leave through an Express Exit lane
  • Earn 250 Aeroplan Miles: based on a minimum of 1 day stay