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Covered parking located just steps away from the Domestic and International terminals. P1 provides hourly parking only (4 hours maximum) making it a perfect choice for dropping off or picking up travelers. P2/P3 provides a convenient option when travelling for the day or longer.


Parkade Rates

Note: P1 only offers 4 hour maximum parking.

Half Hour - Self Serve
Half Hour - Cashier


Hour - Self Serve
Hour - Cashier


Daily - Self Serve
Daily - Cashier




 Effective August 1, 2017. All prices include 21% Parking Sales Tax and 5% GST

Parkade tips

  • Save time and money: use the self-serve express pay machines located at the pedestrian entrances throughout the parkade
  • Accessible parking: spaces available on all parkade levels
  • Electric vehicle charging: available on P1 for no additional fee. (See availability on PlugShare)
  • Please note that the Parkade has a maximum clearance height of 6’6.