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Getting to and from YVR

Accessible transportation options are available when travelling to and from YVR.

Canada Line rapid transit, city bus service and taxis serving YVR are all accessible to people using wheelchairs and other walking aids. More information on travel options is available in our Transportation section.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Vehicles may temporarily stop on YVR's curbs to pick up and drop off passengers. For Departures and Arrivals levels, 15-minute curbside parking at designated locations with the international symbol of access is available for vehicles displaying a SPARC disability parking permit. For visits longer than 15 minutes, accessible parking can be found in all of YVR's parking facilities.


Designated parking for people with disabilities is located in all of YVR's parking facilities. YVR also offers 30 minutes of complimentary parking at our cell phone waiting area. In all cases, stalls are located close to entrance and exit points, walkways and elevators for maximum convenience.

Options include:

  • The three-level Parkade­­­­ connected to the terminals offers the closest short-term parking for regular height vehicles. Please note that the Parkade has a maximum clearance height of 6’6 feet.
  • The Value Lot, located immediately behind the Parkade, featuring accessible stalls for regular and over-height vehicles.
  • Our 24-hour jetSet parking lot, offering long-term parking with accessible, 24-hour shuttle service connecting travellers to and from the terminal.

Rental Cars

Accessible cars are available to rent at YVR. Please give your rental car company 48 hours notice before pick-up. A complete list of YVR's car rental companies is available here.


Accessible taxi service is integrated into the fleet of taxis serving YVR. Please request an accessible taxi from the host, or nearby courtesy phone, located on the curb outside Arrivals at the Domestic, International and South Terminals.