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Sustainability Features

YVR’s primary goal is to build, maintain and operate a safe and environmentally sustainable airport. We have a range of new initiaties planned that will help us reduce our footprint while providing a great airport experience for everyone.

Construction is underway for new terminal and ground transportation facilities. These facilities will have a range of exciting sustainability features, which will help us reach our ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, potable water consumption and waste—as detailed in YVR’s Environmental Management Plan.

Central Utilities Building

YVR’s new Central Utilities Building (CUB) will improve efficiency by centralizing all of the equipment needed to meet the airport’s heating, cooling and electrical demand. The CUB will include a new GeoExchange plant—one of the largest in Canada—that will use groundwater as a heating and cooling medium.

New Parkade

YVR’s new Parkade will include several sustainability features.

A rainwater harvesting system will help meet the water conservation goals established in the Environmental Management Plan, as well as provide emergency firefighting water.

An automated guidance system will direct drivers to the nearest open stall. This feature will not only enhance the customer experience, but will also reduce emissions as drivers would no longer circle looking for a spot.

Electric vehicle charging stations will be available at up to 10 per cent of all parking stalls.

YVR will also install a new, fully-enclosed walkway from International Arrivals to the Parkade. This will improve vehicle traffic flow and reduce emissions by removing the need for drivers to stop at pedestrian crossings.