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Airfield Operations & Emergency Response Specialists

Interested in a new challenge? Looking for a unique workplace to put your skills to the test? Come work for the Best Airport in North America.

Vancouver Airport Authority is looking for both full-time and part-time Airfield Operations & Emergency Response Specialists to join the team. In order to assist us in meeting our goal to increase the representation of women, the selection and hiring for the full-time positions will be limited to female candidates. The part-time opportunities are open to anyone meeting the outlined requirements.

So what does the role entail? Airfield Operations & Emergency Response Specialists are vital in ensuring the safety and security of the travelling public. Working alongside a dedicated team of individuals, the team provides aircraft rescue firefighting services, first response for airside emergencies, emergency medical first response both airside and within the terminals, airside inspections and other activities that contribute to the overall safety and security of the airport.

An Airfield Operations & Emergency Response Specialist must be a highly skilled team player, with the ability to deal quickly with any kind of situation. The role requires shift work and a commitment to readiness at all hours of the day and night as YVR is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week operation.

To learn more, hear firsthand from Susie Byrne about her experience working at the airport as part of the Airfield & Emergency Response team for the last 15 years.

To apply, please click here (full-time opportunities) and here (part-time opportunities). Additional information, including an information package and physical training guide can be downloaded below.

AOERS Information Package 265 KB

AOERS Physical Training Resource 925 KB

Interested in learning more? Please contact Chane Thomas, Manager, Emergency Services at

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