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Construction projects on airport lands must follow the facility permit process. This includes the alteration of existing structures. The permit process applies to construction by both third parties and YVR.

A party seeking to construct, change or demolish a structure on YVR lands must complete a Development Permit Application and provide the required information under the Land Development Manual.

A Facility Permit Application must be completed for construction that makes changes to airport facilities. This includes work within leased buildings. For more information see Facility Permit Guidelines.

New Facility Permit Alterations at the airport must be designed under the 2010 edition of the National Building Code of Canada.  Effective April 1, 2017 all new permit applications must be designed under the 2015 National Building Code of Canada.

Facility Permit Application Supporting Forms

Facility Permit Application 607 KB
General Environment Checklist 138 KB
Exterior Environment Checklist 142 KB
Terminal Building Operations Checklist 144 KB
Airside Lands Operations Checklist 149 KB
Sea Island Lands Operations Checklist 127 KB
Fire Protection During Construction Checklist 115 KB
Applicable Codes and Standards 49 KB
Applicable Codes and Standards effective April 1, 2017 49 KB
Facility Permit Fee Calculations 31 KB
Electrical Infrastructure Change Request Form 69 KB

CDP Load List

MCC Load List

Panel Schedule (Excel)

Drawing List (Excel)

Airport Zoning Application (MS Word) 

The Airport Authority Board of Directors established the FAP process through a by-law and by the Development Rules established by the Executive Committee of the Airport Authority.

Letters of Assurance

Letter of Assurance RP-A 48 KB
Letter of Assurance RP-B 59 KB
Letter of Assurance RP-CA 34 KB
Letter of Assurance RP-CB 36 KB
Letter of assurance MFP-B 34 KB
Letter of assurance MFP-C 34 KB

The MFP form is used for projects that do not require registered professional designers.

Safety Permits

Trenching Permit 152 KB
Coring and Saw-cutting Permit 145 KB
Hot Work Permit 169 KB
Crane Permit 112 KB
Building Related Hazardous Materials 87 KB
Notice of Project 189 KB
Request for Lockout Form 360 KB
Contractor Site Specific Safety Plan Guidance 436 KB

Engineering Services Contact Information

Phone: 604-276-6530

Location (courier address)

3011 Aylmer Road
Richmond, BC V7B 1A2

Mailing address

PO Box 44638
YVR Domestic Terminal RPO
Richmond, BC V7B 1W2

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