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Work Phase

The Work Phase goal is to meet the expectations of the Pre-work Phase and complete the work safely.

The Work Phase protects contractors and others from work-related risks to their health, safety, and well-being. Following guidelines lets contractors identify hazards and address workplace health and safety issues.

The Work Phase has three stages:

Stage 4: Do safe work

When work begins for the contractor, the priority is making sure the planning and preparation from the Pre-Work phase is done properly.

The goals of Stage 4 are to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Eliminate harm
  • Increase the wellness of people impacted by the work
  • Identify responsibilities and requirements of stakeholders
  • Manage expectations, risk, performance, and partnerships
  • Clarify the documents, processes, and communications needed to do safe work

Stage 5: Check for safe work

Along with maintaining safe work, the work must also be monitored. It’s important to know if the work is meeting, exceeding or falling short of the expectations established in the Pre-Work Phase.

Work should be monitored and evaluated based on the CSWP. These requirements are identified by the contract owner and contractor during the Pre-Work Phase.

Stage 6: Respond to safe work

In addition to maintaining, checking and monitoring work, it is import to respond to work that is not meeting expectations. These expectations are established by the contract owner and contractor during the Pre-Work Phase.

Pre Work Phase → Work Phase → Post Work Phase