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Pre-Work Phase

The Pre-Work Phase identifies and evaluates hazards. It asks what controls, roles, and responsibilities can be used to assess and manage risk.

The Pre-Work Phase has three stages:

Stage 1: Plan safe work

Planning safe work is the most critical aspect of managing risk throughout a project.

Part of planning safe work is identifying and assessing the hazards that may be present within the planned work. The Building-Related Hazardous Exposure Management Program (BRHEMP) is designed to identify and assess suspect building-related hazardous materials (BRHM) throughout the Vancouver Airport Authority holdings; educate employees, tenants, contractors, and project managers on BRHM within their working environment; and ensure BRHM are not inadvertently disturbed or released during construction, maintenance, and tenant activities.

Contract owners and contractors must complete a Contractor Safe Work Plan (CSWP). The CSWP gives an overview of key aspects needed to carry out a healthy, safe work environment.

There are two types of CSWPs that YVRAA may require contract owners and contractors to complete:

  • CSWP Standard
  • CSWP Low-Risk

The type of CSWP used depends on the degree of risk and complexity involved in the work.

Step 1: Planning 148 KB 2 pages
Overview of the steps to plan contractor work on Sea Island.

Contractor Safe Work Plan - Standard (CSWP - Standard)

The CSWP - Standard:

  • Is the default planning tool for all contractors working with YVRAA
  • Helps the contract owner and the contractor anticipate potential hazards, resource requirements, and controls
  • Must be completed by the contract owner and submitted to the YVRAA Contractor Safety team

Contractor Safe Work Plan - Low-Risk (CSWP - Low-Risk)

The CSWP - Low-Risk:

  • Is a planning tool for contracted work considered low-risk in nature
  • May only be used if the contract owner finds that a project meets the low-risk criteria
  • Must be completed by the contract owner and submitted to the YVRAA Contractor Safety team

Stage 2: Select contractor

In this stage, a qualified contractor must be selected to do the work.


All contractors working for YVRAA must pre-qualify through ComplyWorks. ComplyWorks is an internet-based pre-qualification and contractor management platform.

Step 2: Pre-qualification 138 KB 2 pages
Overview of the steps needed to choose the right contractor.

Stage 3: Pre-work requirements

Stakeholders, including the contract owner and contractors must review, complete and submit required documents before work physically begins. These requirements are outlined in the Stage 3: Pre-Work Requirements Flowchart.

Step 3: Before Work 152 KB 2 pages
CSMP Pre-Work Requirements document.

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