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As the world’s first self-service border control solution that accepts all passports and doesn’t require pre-registration or fees, BORDERXPRESS™ is designed for the many, not just the few. And that goes for governments, too. BORDERXPRESS™ can be configured to meet the immigration needs of virtually any government in the world.

  • 1300+ BORDERXPRESS™ kiosks sold, more than any other provider
  • 39 Airports and seaports using BORDERXPRESS™ products

How BORDERXPRESS™ reduces wait times by more than 40% and space requirements by 50%

BORDERXPRESS™ automates the administrative functions of border control with a simple two-step process that makes it faster, safer and more efficient.

STEP 1: Travelers complete the data-entry function themselves at the kiosk, which sends their encrypted information to a border control agency that assesses the data and returns a government response in seconds.

STEP 2: With receipt in hand, travelers proceed to a border control officer who verifies the document. This additional step provides governments with an enhanced level of safety and security, as compared to competing technologies, as a border officer will always have the final approval to allow a traveler into the country. 

NEW ! Many governments have asked us to create a receipt less option whereby the information normally printed on a receipt is sent directly to a border officer’s workstation. After completing a transaction on a kiosk, travelers simply approach a border officer who will have all of the traveler’s information made available in any format required.


  • Reduces wait times up to 40%
  • Reduces queuing space by 50%
  •  Safe and secure borders: enhanced security features
  •  Available to all—accepts all passport types—with and without e-chips
  •  No fees and no pre-registration required
  •  Family friendly
  •  Barrier free accessibility
  •  Replaces paper landing cards
  •  Compared to competing technologies, BORDERXPRESS™ takes up less space, provides a higher throughput and offers a lower total cost of ownership.  


  • Accepts any travel documents with a MRZ
  • Captures facial, fingerprint and biometric information of travelers
  •  Programmable for government-required declaration questions, replacing paper arrival cards
  •  Captures flight and transit confirmation of travelers
  •  Retrieves travel information from a QR code, 2D barcode and cards or mobile devices with Tap & Go
  •  Verifies travelers with e-passport authentication and facial-matching technology
  •  Accepts debit, credit and Tap & Go payment methods from travelers with visas and excess duty and departure taxes
  •  Programmable for up to 35 languages
  •  Configurable for both border entry and exit control


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