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YVR Playlist: Track 3 - YYZ by Rush

In honour of their upcoming concert in Vancouver at Rogers Arena, we are including Rush as our latest track on the YVR Playlist. Rush is a quintessential Canadian rock band, and their song YYZ drips with referential nostalgia, even if there are no lyrics.

First, there is the title: YYZ is the IATA airport identification code for the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Like YVR, this three-letter code is a reference used for all airports. Almost all airports in Canada use "Y" as the first letter. For more information on airport codes, fascinating in their own right, I swear, click on the IATA link above.

The song is an instrumental and opens in a 5/4 time signature. According to people who know way more about music than I do this repeatedly makes the letters, Y-Y-Z in morse code. Woah.

The group said they named the song YYZ because it was always a good day when they saw YYZ on their luggage tags, meaning they were at home and off the grind of touring.

YYZ is a great song for any traveller feeling nostalgic for home - it's an upbeat, drum-smashing anthem that manages to rock pretty hard even without the aid of Geddy Lee's falsetto pipes. It has become a staple of their live shows, and I'm certain a lot of people will be listening on their headphones when they fly to Vancouver for their concert in July.

Any passengers looking to enjoy some tunes in the termnal can fill all of their audio needs at one of our Tech on the Go or iStore locations.

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