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YVR Nominated for Best Bathroom in Canada

Customers always tell us that clean, accessible bathrooms are one of the most important aspects of a good airport. At YVR, we think that a clean, accessible AND beautifully designed public washroom is king when it comes to the thrones. And now, the rest of the country is set to take notice of our facilities, as YVR has been named a finalist in the Canada's Best Restroom Awards!

Our best bathroom nomination is located on C-Pier, post-security and features a number of distinct elements that sets it apart from other loos.

Visually speaking, the distinctive mosaic tiling, blue "wave" terrazzo flooring and bright, ample lighting make the space modern and calming.

Functionality abounds with hands-free sinks and towel dispensers, changing stations, countertop waste bins, lowered countertops for accessibility and spacious stalls with hand rails.

Another important feature is the increased air flow in the bathrooms, making for a more pleasant-smelling experience overall.

Kudos to our facilities staff, who work tirelessly to maintain the standard of cleanliness and excellence throughout our terminals.

We're up against stiff competition from four other "porcelain pioneers," so every vote will count. To cast your vote now and see who we're up against, visit the Canada's Best Restroom webpage.



  • Linda wrote on Sep 10 2014 AT 2:28 PM

    One word.....awesome !

  • Vreni wrote on Sep 30 2014 AT 10:00 PM

    Very spacious and super clean!
  • Max wrote on Jun 03 2015 AT 1:29 PM

    Looks great. 
    It'd be nice to find plants here. In eco-style like this
  • Vivien Donato wrote on Jun 21 2015 AT 2:12 PM

    Must be Automatic flush as always, don't use cheap toilet paper, disinfect the toilet bowl and floor to avoid urine smell, use bright lights, separate nursing mothers washroom for privacy, decorate the washroom room with a positive paint, simple pictures on the wall, maintain the washroom mirror nice, clean and wide. Dryers for hands and  paper towel should be applied all the time. Mints smell is better for male & Female washrooms.
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