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YVR Before & After: Sea Island 50 Years Apart

The photo on the left is from the '50s, and the photo on the right was taken in 2006.

Sea Island was once mostly farmland and a couple of runways on the South side. Today, it's home to an international airport (the Best in North America) that handles millions of passengers a year and where more than 24,000 people come to work every day.

But sometimes, it isn't what has changed over the years, but the things that have stayed the same that are most interesting.

The tight-knit community of Burkeville remains exactly where it was in the '50s, nestled up close to the east side of Sea Island (right side of both frames). For more information on the historical community of Burkeville, re-visit one of our old blog posts.

Although the coastline has changed somewhat over the decades, Iona Beach is still tucked away on the north side, a fantastic place for a bike ride or to walk your dog. But at the time this picture was taken it was likely known as Iona Island, now a peninsula.

And of course you can see the South runway near the bottom of the picture, which used to be the main runway but has since expanded to accommodate more aircraft. Similarly, the original terminal is now known as the South Terminal.

What other fun historical tidbits can you see in the photo? What has changed? And what else can you see that has stayed the same?

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