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YVR Art Foundation Awards 2014 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Kelli Clifton, Charlene Johnny-Wadsworth, George Lawson, Raven Pearson LeBlanc, Sage Paul and Skil Jaadee White for winning this year’s annual YVR Art Foundation (YVRAF) scholarship awards. The scholarship recipients were recently recognized at the annual award reception at YVR, which also included an unveiling of art created by last year’s scholarship winners.


YVRAF Youth Art Scholarships are awarded annually to emerging artists of B.C. First Nations ancestry who are under the age of 27. The recipients receive a $5,000 scholarship to attend a formal art institution or study with a mentor over the course of one year. At the end of the year, their art projects are unveiled at this annual reception and then displayed at YVR. Scholarship recipients also have an opportunity to spend a day touring Vancouver museums, galleries and art studios. Since its inception, the YVR Art Foundation has awarded more than $250,000 in scholarships and awards to more than 50 artists.

To learn more about the YVR Art Foundation and their award programs, visit the foundation's website

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  • Priyanka Gupta wrote on Mar 10 2015 AT 5:18 AM

    Hi Terry, I want to congratulate to all the scholarship winners. I also want to thank to YVR Art Foundation for giving such a good scholarship for artists. This is really a great opportunity for them. There are many other good scholarships available for artists at
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