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@YVRAirport Reaches 10,000 followers

This past weekend we reached a new milestone for us here at Vancouver Airport Authority as our @yvrairport Twitter handle hit 10,000 followers! And while this number is small compared to the likes of @ladygaga and @justinbieber's millions of followers, there's a story behind @yvraiport's growth and why 10,000 followers is, for us, a big deal.

Our social story started back in 2009 when BlackBerry was the phone of choice and a new apple product, the iPhone, was just a year old and made web searching and connecting even easier. We were preparing to welcome the world for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and knew that we had to be listening to all our customers to ensure the first and last impression of Vancouver was an outstanding one.

Fast forward to December 19 2012 when Vancouver recved a record single-day snowfall. Thanks to Laptops, Tablets, SmartPhones and YVR's free WiFi, customers talked to us and we were able to listen and help. We responded to every single message throughout the busy day, our handle was used more than 100 times, and we welcomed more than 80 new followers - the most we've ever experienced to date.

Our goal is to care for every customer at Vancouver International Airport - whether they're online or in our terminals. Our 10,000 follower milestone is important for us because we are able to connect to you - our customers and community members - to help make your travels better. 

Did you know @yvrairport is the first Canadian airport twitter handle to reach 10,000? We couldn't have made it this far without you - our community - and the support of @miss604 @hbaskas @westjet @aircanada @tranbc @PacificAirPhoto @TourismRichmond (to name just a few).

To celebrate our 10,000 mark - and for being the 10 followers who pushed us to double digits - we're sending these folks some fun, YVR-themed swag:

(in no particular order)

  • @whatsbusy
  • @roll1light1
  • @MikeGAresenault
  • @tweedubtwenty3
  • @RobRindt 
  • @Mathieya
  • @VeryScott
  • @SoaresAuto
  • @YukonElephant
  • @dkim11
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