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We’re sweet on something new at YVR

Chocolate, buttercream and fudge, oh my! We’re sweet on The Fairmont Vancouver Airport’s newest addition: The Custom Cake Shop. 

Most people don’t know that The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel actually operates its own bakery – so popular with hotel guests that Executive Chef Geoff Carkner recently extended his baked-good offerings to the public and the 23,600 employees who work on YVR’s Sea Island home.

We had the opportunity to sample a mocha chocolate cake this afternoon (seriously, can a Friday get any better?), specially customized for YVR.  The chocolate sponge cake, layered with fudge and mousse-like goodness, was exquisite and induced us all into a blissful, sugar-filled state.

Fairmont’s selection includes buttercream, shortcake (strawberry or seasonal), ganache, cheesecake, fruit flan, loaves – even biscotti, airplane cookies and cupcakes. Yum!

For more information, visit click here.

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