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The Fairmont Afternoon Tea Express Experience

YVR has offered many first over the years. First airport in Canada to offer free wifi, first to launch Automated Passport Control, and now we've added another innovative first to the list by teaming up with Fairmont Vancouver Airport for Afternoon Tea Express.

The full-service afternoon tea area is located at International Departures just past World Duty Free and offers an unforgettable dining experience for travellers who either want to start their vacation in style, or finish off in the lap of luxury.

To help promote the service and treat some lucky and unsuspecting passengers to a new travel experience, I went down and sought out some happy folks that looked like they might be keen on some tea. Naturally, I went for the Gatwick departure gate, knowing I'd find some Brits around, who are always up for a spot of tea.

And I wasn't disappointed. Tony and Anne Moorcroft were happy to listen to this strange man who approached with promises of free tea, and followed me to the seating area, located just underneath some large skylights for natural sunlight and amongst the trees, giving the experience an outdoor garden feel. Anne and Tony hail from Ipswich, a large town in Suffolk, England and were visiting Vancouver for the 15th time! They were definitely game for the Afternoon Tea Express experience

The process starts with samples. You can smell and see all the different options on offer and pick which one you like the best. I asked Dennis, our gracious host from the Fairmont, what the most popular selection was and he suggested the Jetsetter tea, meant to rejuvenate weary travellers and provide energy for the long international flights people are about to embark on.

Tony opted for the Jetsetter while Anne went with a Japanese Sencha mix, a green tea. Sencha means the tea leaves haven't been grinded up. Traditionally the Japanese sencha can be served hot in cooler months and cold in summer months.

Before the tea arrives, the tiered platter of delicious treats is brought out much to Anne and Tony's delight. Stacked with delicious pastries both savoury and sweet the delectable food is all a part of the tea experience.

Once the tea arrives things are in full swing. Anne and Tony both enjoyed their selections and were sipping away happily when I finally left them in peace to enjoy the rest of their Afternoon Tea Express Experience.
The perfect tea timer is so guests can get the perfect strenth and taste for their tea.

Afternoon Tea Express is a fantastic treat for anybody travelling out internationally and provides a chance for folks to experience the traditional afternoon tea in a non-traditional environment, and is another truly unique YVR experience

Thank you to the Fairmont who footed the bill for our fair guests. For more information on Afternoon Tea Express and a menu you can visit our own information page at which also includes a voucher for 10% off. Hope the Noorcrofts enjoyed themselves and are now safely tucked in to their flight back to Gatwick, all the happier for their Fairmont Afternoon Tea Express Experience.

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