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Spectacular Photo Submissions from Matt Lang

With the popularity of our Canada from the Air promotion, we have been receving alot of incredible photo submissions from across the country. But the nature of the contest restricts the content being submitted. Yes, we get to see the sprawling, wondrous landscape of Canada from 1,000 feet and wingtips aplenty, but the birds themselves are taking a backseat to breathtaking scenery.

Enter Matt Lang, who reached out with some amazing photos he has taken at YVR that are too spectacular not to share. Matt's twitter handle is @YVRPhotographer and his photos of aircraft in flight around our terminal are pretty amazing. Look him up on twitter and give him a follow, or check back here as hopefully he will provide some more pics soon!

This one is my favourite. Taken at the threshold of 26R

This shot of a Purolator plane is also taken at the threshold of 26R.

The top photo is a British Airways 747 landing on 08L. All photos courtesy of Matt Lang.

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