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Shari's Steveston Salmon Festival Canada Day Parade Recap

It has been a week since we were strolling through Steveston Village for the Canada Day Parade on July 1st, but my memories are still fresh! You can’t beat a day when the weather is beautiful and sunny from the get go – and it was a hot one! No complaints here though, want to get that out there!  

Our wonderful parade volunteers consisted of YVR employees, Green coat Coat volunteers, and family and friends ranging from the little family members to the retirees. 

Here we are, 20 strong, waiting in our designated spot, in anticipation for the start


Now, the organizers always say you need to be there at a particular time but there is always a stand & and wait period, not my favorite time. All that dissolves when you finally realize it is your turn to merge into the parade. We had a lot of merging to do – our volunteers on foot, a pilot SUV vehicle, 2 very large crash-fire-rescue trucks & and me in my little YVR Smart Car bringing up the rear.  

Immediately you feel the energy of the parade and the crowd - all those wonderful people standing on the sidelines, with the looks of amazement and surprise – love that part!  The route is approximately 1.9 kms long and had 80,000 watching – that is a lot of waving, “Happy Canada Day ” shouts and and handing out of swag – other parts I love!

And then it is over before you know it, clean up time. You have to make sure your group is safe & and sound, everybody accounted for and they had no issues. Then it's off they go to enjoy the rest of the day because there is so much see and experience during the festival!


It is a wonderful holiday to celebrate and and I can’t wait for next year.  

Thank you for joining us this year and making the YVR team so great!


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