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Quotable Quotes, YVR-style

Today is Day 48 for Jaeger Mah, the affable Port Alberni native who moved into the airport earlier this as part of our Live@YVR contest contest.

Jaeger has been incredibly busy finding and telling the stories of Canada’s second busiest airport over the past seven weeks… and the YVR community of more than 23,600 people has been busy watching!

In honour of the seven-week mark, we decided to peruse the Live@YVR Facebook Page for our  Top 7 Jaeger excerpts:

7 – ‎"8 big international flights leaving between now and 3pm! After a quiet weekend, YVR is alive!”

6 – “Greg Harper of Breakfast TV – just put him on the YVR baggage scale... He’s a heavy load, but… fragile.”

5 – “Check out the Doggie Yoshi! The world’s happiest ‘one-eyed’ pooch!”

4  – “The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel has HONEY BEES! (And I might have eaten one on a dare).”

3 – “Flying Beaver Pub: Fun Facts! Small Nachos are actually big, and real beavers live and swim in the river next to the pub.”

2 – “Best morning ever, lounged around YVR in a house coat, plus met the voice of 1970 "As-Seen-On-TV" commercials."

1 – “There are so many stories, the hardest part is choosing between them. There have been a ton of suggestions from the community, plus there is just so much action around here, it's almost like an endless book (smile).”

To follow Jaeger's stories, visit

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