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Pulling Together at YVR to Reduce Childhood Blindness

Epic feats of strength took place at YVR last weekend and all for a good cause as part of the ORBIS Canada Pull for Sight, a charity that raises awareness and funds for the ORBIS Kids Sight Program, which works to eliminate blindness in children in developing countries.

Fifteen teams gathered on the tarmac and competed to pull a Boeing 757 cargo aircraft 12 feet in the shortest amount of time. And while 12 feet doesn’t seem like a large distance, keep in mind that the aircraft weighs approximately 127,520 lbs – that’s almost 60 tonnes!

More than 600 people attended the event, hosted by FedEx, and thousands of dollars were raised for ORBIS to help it establish new facilities and/or support existing facilities in developing world locations such as Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Peru and China.

In the world today there are approximately 19 million visually impaired children and too often, vision problems prevent kids from excelling in school, playing sports or taking part in other activities that their sighted peers take for granted. The vast majority of visually impaired children live in developing countries, where pediatric eye care services are often unavailable or unaffordable. As a result, many of these children go blind even though they suffer from treatable or preventable conditions.

 Through direct ORBIS support over the last decade alone, more than four million children have received medical or refractive error treatments, while 170,000 have received sight-improving surgeries. The impact for these children, their families and communities is profound, especially when sight restoration allows for full integration into social and economic activities.

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