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Powering Up at YVR – 110 Charging stations installed around the airport

Like moths to a flame, there’s nothing that draws a cluster of passengers waiting for a flight more than an elusive power outlet.  Most airport terminals were built well before the invention of portable technology, meaning that power outlets can be few and far between.

Here at YVR, we’re always looking for ways to improve your airport experience. That’s why we installed 110 charging stations throughout the main and south terminals, with an additional five more on the way. Passengers will no longer need huddle on the floor to plug in, as these charging stations are located right between the seats allowing for quick, convenient power.

Each station features six-120-volt commercial grade power outlets and two USB ports, allowing you to charge all of your devices at once.  Next time you’re flying through YVR, choose a seat near a charging station, get out your laptop and take advantage of our free WiFi with a full battery!

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  • Kathy wrote on May 30 2014 AT 4:24 PM

    Hello. None of your staff know where these charging stations are. And I can't find them!
  • a different Kathy wrote on Apr 20 2015 AT 7:16 AM

    In the newly renovated area around gate B I5 see plates where plug-ins would go but no plugs?  I'm hopeful this is work not yet complete.  It is helpful to be able to charge while working before a flight.  


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