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Photo of the Month: The Gulf Islands Through a Propellor

Our Photo of the Month for July comes to us via Twitter user @jacqbedard, who sent us this great shot of the Gulf Islands as viewed through the propellor of an aircraft.

There is so much amazing going on in this photo! The cluster of boats milling around in the bay below, the rolling mountains of green with the occasional slash of a brown beach, or a bright, verdant park, all viewed through the spinning propellor that is producing a common effect called "image aliasing".

Image aliasing produces pictures like the one above where some of the propellor blades appear to be completely removed from their fixture. This happens because the cameras on many cellphones are actually slow-scanning digital cameras that do not expose all the pixels at the same time, rather they expose and capture one row before moving onto the next. More info here.

Throw in an eye-pleasing shock of bright blue for contrast and you've got yourself a Photo of the Month! Thanks to @jacqbedard for another amazing addition to our Canada from the Air photo gallery, a spectacular collection of photos taken by passengers from airplane windows that hang on our terminal walls.

Anybody who wants to submit to Canada from the Air can email entries to or tweet them to @yvrairport and include the hashtag #YVRCanada and where the photo was taken. Our next round of photos is going up on the walls soon, so submit now to see it next time you fly!

For more amazing photos of Canada from the Air, check out some of our past winners of Photo of the Month:

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