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Pack Like a Pro: Tips to Make Summer Travel Easier

What kind of traveller are you? Are you an Over-packer, an Adventure Seeker, a Sun Worshipper, the Carry-on Crusader or the Leader of the Pack? No matter what kind of traveller you are, read below to help you get through YVR in a flash and on to your flight as easily as possible during our busiest summer travel season to date.

The Over-packer

Your suitcases (note: plural) contain a different pair of shoes and watch to match each outfit, and even though the forecast is for 30 degree weather every day of your trip you pack a parka just in case temperatures drop. In Cuba. In July.

Travel tip: Confirm your travel details in advance. Check with your airline to confirm your reservation, and more importantly to determine baggage specification for checked baggage and carry-on. If you aren’t sure, weigh your suitcase in advance so you don’t get any last minute surprises. There are scales at YVR. Ask your airline to use one.

Adventure Seeker

You do the Grouse Grind in sub-40 minutes when you’re feeling a little under the weather, and your car only seats two people because your golf clubs/ tennis racket and gym bag all permanently reside in your vehicle – which makes it tough to store your camping gear for an impromptu getaway.

Travel Tip: Some small sports equipment can be carried-on but most equipment (golf clubs, hockey gear, bicycle) needs to be checked. Maybe even as oversized luggage, which can take an extra minute. Leave those strike-anywhere matches at home though because they aren’t permitted in carry-on or checked baggage. Check for more info on luggage restrictions.

Sun Worshipper

Your vacation is for maximum beach time and you will not be content unless you return with a bronze, vacation glow that leaves your coworkers obscenely jealous.

Travel Tip: To be sun safe you need a lot of sunscreen, but make sure you check the size in your carry-on because containers of liquid must be 100 ml/ 100 grams (3.4 oz) or less and must fit in one clear, resealable plastic transparent bag no more than 1-litre in capacity.

Carry-on Crusader

You refuse to check a bag even if you are headed overseas for weeks, trying to cram everything in to an increasingly full carry on bag that is skirting the airline restrictions already. Our bag hygeine tips will guide you if you ever do decide to take the plunge and check a bag, but if you flat out refuse, there are still ways to maximize efficiency.

Travel Tip:  Be very aware of CATSA regulations (link above) for what's allowed through screening. To maximize space, roll don't fold your clothes, pack socks inside shoes, belts inside shirt collars and loose electronics inside an old galsses case. Be ready to go through screening and remove electronics and liquids and gels for inspection.

Leader of the Pack

Somehow you became the de facto family planner and you are now responsible for taming the group of 25 people that need to get from YVR to final destination as one happy family.

Travel Tip: Be sure to plan your transportation to YVR well in advance so everyone gets here with plenty of time to spare. Book your airport parking in advance at jetSet online at for the lowest on-airport parking rates. Or hop on the Canada Line for a 26-minute-or-less ride out to YVR.

Regardless of your travel style, during the busy summer season it’s more important than ever to arrive at the time recommended by your airline. We also recommend all travellers check in online at or with your airline from your home, office or mobile device. Print your boarding pass before you leave for the airport or have it emailed to your mobile device. You might still wait in a few lineups but follow the tips above to get through the airport with minimal turbulence.

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