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Our big Announcement! Turning down the volume with the GRE (with video rendering)

YVR has been working on something pretty cool; in fact, it’s the first of its kind in Canada: a state-of-the-art Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) that will reduce aircraft noise in the community.

The GRE is a large structure designed to minimize noise from engine run-ups that are conducted as part of regular aircraft maintenance work. It will be next to the South Terminal where the majority of airlines who perform engine run-ups at YVR are located. This will stop aircraft having to travel to the far end of Sea Island to perform engine run-ups, saving airlines valuable time and fuel and providing environmental benefits to the region.

This is no small enclosure. It’s actually a giant three-walled, open-roofed structure, roughly the size of a football field and up five-stories tall on one side. And more than 3,800 cubic meters of concrete will be used to build the enclosure and adjoining apron.

And how does a three-walled, open-roof structure actually reduce noise? Well the walls which are constructed with sound-absorbing panels that will channel sound up rather than out. It is expected to reduce aircraft noise currently heard in neighbourhoods south of the airport by up to 50 per cent.

The GRE will be used primarily at night from 10 PM to 6 AM, when the vast majority of engine run-up related noise complaints are received. Construction will begin in April 2011, with a target completion date of December 2011.

Stay tuned to YVRconnections for future updates and exciting announcements regarding the GRE!

Check out a video rendering of YVR's new Ground Run-Up Enclosure

Check out a video rendering of YVR's new Ground Run-Up Enclosure
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