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My Top 5 Favourite YVR Design Features

lights resembling a log jam hang in the gate area of international terminal.Local fans of YVR - me included - often comment on the beauty of our airport. Much of that wow factor is thanks to what we like to call a “sense of place”- and it’s an approach that sets us apart. Using a theme of Land, Sea and Sky, YVR’s architectural features and interior design convey to arriving passengers that they have landed in Vancouver, British Columbia from the minute they step off the plane. The number of quintessentially B.C. design features at YVR could easily fill five blog postings, so here’s a list of my top five favourite features at YVR:

1. Log-jam lights. (And carpet!) Lights hanging in the U.S. and International departure hold rooms are hung at seemingly random angles, a design feature that’s inspired by a log jam on the Fraser River. Same goes for the geometric print of our colourful carpet. 
2. The seawall. It’s hard to beat the view of Siwash Rock from Stanley Park’s seawall on a sunny day, but did you know that passengers flying into YVR domestically can sit on our very own seawall while they wait for their bags or a visiting friend? Look for it on Level 2 of the Domestic Terminal.
3. Tree-inspired steel.  It’s easy to miss this feature on our busiest summer days when the International check-in counters are packed. But if you look up, you’ll see that the large steel columns extending to the ceiling are designed to resemble tree branches reaching for the sky.
4. More steel.  High above shops, restaurants, the creek and aquarium in the after-security section of the International Terminal is some extraordinary steel work that’s designed to mimic the hulls of two boats. This feature has won awards for design innovation, and it’s easy to see why.
5. Colour palette.  B.C.’s spectacular natural beauty is the perfect inspiration for a multi-hued natural colour palette at YVR. In fact, our designers draw inspiration from a painting of B.C.’s forest, mountains and sea by Lawren Harris, one of Canada’s Group of Seven artists.

What’s your favourite architectural or design feature at YVR? Steel structure in the international terminal resembles the hull of a ship.

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