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Meet our School Program Tour Guides

It's back to school for the kids and for some lucky students, a tour at YVR! YVR's School Tour Program - The Future Lands Here - returns on September 27 for a third year of fun and exploration. Our tour guides will provide more than 2,000 Grade Five students the experience of a lifetime.  Over the next ten weeks, students will explore their airport with the help of three enthusiastic guides who eagerly await their arrival. Meet Annalisa, Marcus and Wyanne - our 2011 School Tour Program guides:

Annalisa Pareja
Hello, my name is Annalisa and I am a third year communications student at Simon Fraser University. I have always loved coming to Vancouver International Airport both as a traveller and when coming to meet friends and family.  My passion for aviation started when I was very young. I always wished I could go on a tour of YVR and now, being a tour guide, I am able to go on my own tour every day! 

To the YVR School Tour Program – The Future Lands Here, I will bring my enthusiasm for working with children along with my great interest in the aviation industry, especially the day-to-day operations of an airport. I hope to share my excitement for giving this tour with each and every student who comes along with me for the journey.

My ultimate dream growing up was to not only go on a tour of YVR, but to tour the areas past security screening. I have always wanted to know what YVR looked and felt like when I wasn’t a traveller. This dream came true during our orientation on my very first day at work! All I can say is WOW! It was an amazing experience. I can’t take students behind security, but I can share my enthusiasm about the YVR experience during our tours.  See you at YVR!

Marcus Tan
Hello, my name is Marcus I am a fourth year communications student at Simon Fraser University. I have become a tour guide for the YVR School Program because I enjoy working in a community environment and love working with children.  I bring to the program an enthusiasm for travel and an outgoing attitude.  I am excited to bring to life the hidden intricacies of YVR’s network of people, machinery and airplanes.

As an elementary school child, my fondest memories were always of field trips. From the air traffic control tower to the living wall, there are so many great things that I can’t wait to share with the students who visit.

Wyanne Wong
Hello, my name is Wyanne Wong and I study communications at Simon Fraser University. I think the airport is an amazing place, and the prospect of telling the YVR story to school kids is what really attracted me to being a YVR School Tour Guide.

YVR has many great features, including artwork by local artists, carefully planned architecture, and of course the planes that arrive and depart between YVR and the rest of the world. This will be a learning opportunity for both the students and for me as we explore all YVR has to offer.

I want to bring my very best to this program, which will include my eagerness, enthusiasm, and determination in making this an unforgettable field trip for the students. The activities will be hands-on, the tour will be interesting, and most of all we will have a lot of fun together learning about YVR. We will see so much, from the Spirit of Haida Gwaii to the Observation Area and the different terminals. So, get ready and get excited! I look forward to meeting you all.

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