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Love Lands at YVR

Did it happen again? Have you forgotten to buy a Valentine's Day gift? Or is this your first time? Either way, remain calm – we have all the necessary items for you to make that special him or her believe that you had this planned for weeks. 

Chocolates are a bit cliché, but they are cliché for a reason. People really like chocolate. Studies show that it releases endorphins that improve your mood. So with that in mind, stop by Roger’s Chocolates on C Pier if you happen to be flying out domestically, or Pacific Sweet Shoppe pre-security for all others. 

For the man in your life, the way to his heart does pass through his stomach but also makes a pit stop at sports. The Canucks Bar and Grill sells plenty of merch and apparel for all local sports teams can be found at Hudson News locations in all areas post-security.

International Departures has no shortage of offerings. From the wide array of perfume and cologne at World Duty Free to the luxury clutches and garments at places like Burberry and Hermes, there’s no excuse for showing up empty-handed if you’re departing from a D Gate.

OK, what if you're arriving and need to grab something quickly before departing the airport?

The West Coast Liquor Store can provide that perfect bottle of wine for the night, and the florist located in the Domestic departures area has specials all day on arrangements of the floral variety. The Pharmasave on Level 1 also has all the cards and candies you could want.

Of course, an airport can be a very romantic place any day of the year.  Joyful reunions and lingering embraces abound in the International Arrivals area. And if you really love us, you could use YVR as your wedding venue. Happy Hearts Day.

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