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Getting to Know Icelandair and Iceland

Icelandair launched twice-weekly flights between Vancouver and Reykjavík today in an awesome inaugural ceremony that included a traditional water arch on arrival, but also a Viking plane pull to the gate complete with a tug outfitted to look like a Viking ship! We are thrilled to welcome this new carrier and add another amazing destination to the list of places you can fly direct from YVR. This twice-weekly, non-stop seasonal service will connect travellers with more than 20 European destinations via Reykjavík, Iceland, which is pretty much the coolest place for a stopover. Set aside those Viking stereotypes, and get to know this quirky and refreshing airline and its incredible destination with these fast facts:

  • All Icelandair planes are named after volcanoes: Askja, Eldborg, Eyjafjallajökull, Grábrók, Grímsvötn, Hekla, Hengill, Herðubreið, Katla, Keilir,Krafla, Magni, Skjaldbreiður, Snæfell, Surtsey, Öræfajökull.
  • Icelandair will fly from Vancouver to more than 20 destinations in Europe. Passengers can take advantage of a stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional airfare.
  • From music and film to food and drink, the Icelandic experience comes to life onboard our planes. Some Icelandair planes even have moving northern lights on the ceiling inside.
  • An Icelandic hot dog - the national dish - is made with lamb and one of the best hot dogs you will ever eat.
  • Iceland’s national drink, Brennivin, is a strong schnapps made of potatoes and flavoured with caraway seeds. It’s also known as “Black Death.”


  • The majority of Icelanders believe in elves. This belief is so important that some people are actually called in to arbitrate with the elves in the hopes of getting them to leave.
  • The Blue Lagoon is the #1 tourist attraction in Iceland. The water comes from a nearby geothermal power plant and is naturally warm, about 37 to 39° C (98–102 °F) year-round.

  • The Mayor of Reykjavík, Jon Gnarr, is actually an actor and comedian who ran for the job in 2010 primarily as a joke. Campaign promises of the “BEST” Party included free towels at public swimming pools and a “drug-free Parliament” by 2020.
  • In the summer, there is 24 hours of daylight, and golf courses offer midnight tee-times.

Follow us on social media to see photos of the arrival and stay tuned for more fun stuff tomorrow from the first departure from YVR. Velkomnir, Icelandair!



  • sharon domaas wrote on Apr 09 2014 AT 10:55 PM

    I would love to vist Iceland and see some of the volcanoes like Heknivvinla and enjoy some Brennivin.
  • Debra Millward wrote on Apr 11 2014 AT 8:39 PM

    I would love to go to Iceland on an elf hunt and the Blue Lagoon. I would like to meet tohe people of Iceland.
  • Peter Hann wrote on Apr 25 2014 AT 7:52 PM

    Are IT packages being marketed for Iceland with YVR as the gateway. If so, can you provide the name(s) of those firms? 
  • chris petersen wrote on Apr 29 2014 AT 4:13 PM

    Flown Iceland Air several times from Seattle to Europe    Can"t complain .  Glad to see them coming to Vancouver makes it even easier  !!!  Will be using them again next trip.

    Iceland photographers DREAM !!!!  

    Good luck  Iceland Air.

  • ClaireFromYVR wrote on May 13 2014 AT 10:10 AM

    Icelandair Welcome to YVR! I look forward to traveling with you, and taking some photos in Iceland. Hope this is a great success!
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