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Fun Fact Friday: Starbucks and Tim Hortons pour 9,104 cups of coffee per day at YVR

We've got coffee lovers covered here at YVR with six Starbucks and six Tim Hortons locations throughout the terminal both pre and post-security. With early morning departures and late-night cross country flights, coffee and travel go hand in hand. They even named a fortified coffee drink the "red eye", which includes a shot of espresso in a normal cup of drip brew, because that extra shot is meant to get you through long overnight hauls. One of the first things I see Canadians do after returning home after a long trip is hit up a Tim Hortons for a cup of home brew, and the daily line of YVR staffers at Starbucks is clockwork. Between the two java purveyors they pour an average of 9,104 cups off coffee every single day. That's a lot of Double-Doubles. Or if you're at Starbucks, a lot of tall iced coffees in a grande cup with extra ice, three pumps hazelnut, two pumps classic, an inch of non-fat milk, with a dome lid and a venti straw.
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