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Fun Fact Friday: 3,100 Free Baggage Carts at YVR

Passengers arriving and departing from YVR come with a good portion of their earthly belongings crammed in to suitcases they are carrying. To help them navigate the travelling experience and avoid lower back pain, YVR has free baggage carts strategically located throughout the terminal and curbside for public use.

There are currently about 3,100 of the helpful red and silver carts available FREE for any passenger to use. Each cart has three wheels, bumpers, a helpful basket and is approximately 1.1 metres long. If you lined up every cart end on end it would form a line about 3.4 kilometres long, or roughly the length of one of our runways (08R/26L)

Take one for a spin next time you are in the terminal, no cart races though please!

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