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From the Ground Up! YVR’s GRE is Taking Shape

We’ve got planes. We’ve got cranes. And we’ve got very big trucks. What more do you need for a great father/son outing?

Head over to YVR’s outdoor viewing platform next to our South Terminal Building to watch the incredible Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) come to life. Built with lots of steel and concrete, the framework is going up quickly.

Designed to minimize noise in surrounding communities from aircraft engine run-ups, our GRE will be Canada’s first Ground Run-up Enclosure at a commercial airport.

Crews have been prepping all summer laying the groundwork, demolishing old buildings, removing concrete and placing the foundation for a new apron.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing however, crews had to work around and reroute old buried utilities in the ground, including power, communications, sanitary, storm, gas and water mains which were built on the site over the past 80 years (the site’s location is near YVR’s first terminal building). To minimize the impacts on surrounding business partners a lot of the work took place at night or during off-peak hours.

But here we are, as of October things are taking shape and the enclosure walls are going up. Our viewing platform provides the best views of all the action. It can be access from the South Terminal parking lot. Completion of the GRE is slated for December 2011.

If you can’t wait until December to see the final product, view an animated flythrough on YVR’s Youtube channel or learn more at

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