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Fictional Aircraft Profile: Thunderquack

The great thing about aviation is that it's an industry always looking for innovation – key is imagining aircraft with new capabilities and futuristic features. Sometimes the best inspiration can come from books, movies or television. This is the idea behind our fictional aircraft features, which will take a fun look at some make-believe aircraft you might longingly remember from days gone by. Today, we bring you the Thunderquack.

If you grew up in the 1990s, you know that access to duck-based cartoon programming was at an all-time high. Carrying on the tradition started by pioneers like Daffy and Donald Duck, newly-billed characters were drawn, again bereft of pants but rife for entertainment.

Enter Darkwing Duck, a spinoff character from the wildly popular DuckTales. Mild-mannered Drake Mallard is a normal citizen by day, but fearless, feathered crime-fighter Darkwing Duck by night. Darkwing is joined by his sidekick (and former DuckTales recurring character) Launchpad McQuack, who might be both the worst and best pilot in the world.

Launchpad took it upon himself to design and build a custom aircraft for Darkwing, and the Thunderquack is a truly special bird with some next-generation features that any aircraft manufacturer would envy.

Most noticeably the Thunderquack is incredibly resilient, having been crashed numerous times by Launchpad with minimal damage incurred. The Thunderquack can also maneuver like a helicopter, possessing the ability to hover and accelerate vertically. Despite being used for crime fighting, the Thunderquack does not have any firepower, but does have the ability to open and close its "teeth" mid-flight to bite an enemy, with no impact to cabin pressure.

The Thunderquack is a fine specimen of aviation technology that has aided Darkwing immeasurably in his efforts to protect the good people of St. Canard.

Stay tuned for more fun fictional aircraft profiles on YVR Connections. 

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