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Air Canada Dreamliner Lands at YVR

The Year of the Dreamliner continued at YVR on Sunday when an unscheduled Air Canada Boeing 787-8 landed at YVR. We have had plenty of Dreamliners so far in 2014, but the first 787 flown by our largest carrier has a special place in our hearts. Our plane-spotting community was phenomenal at capturing incredible images of this revolutionary aircraft, complete with iconic maple leaf livery, touching down at YVR for the first time.

Thanks to all of the spotters who captured incredible shots. Follow them all on Twitter and Instagram for more awesome aviation pics.

We'll see more of this amazing aircraft decked out in Air Canada red when it begins scheduled service on two YVR routes this fall. Stay tuned for details of how we'll celebrate its arrival as part of our Year of the Dreamliner festivites!

This awesome shot of Air Canada's Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner touching down on 26R was submitted via Facebook by Christian Oh.

Wheels down! Great shot shared on Facebook by Bill Wong. This picture gives a superb view of the unique wing shape of the Boeing 787-8.

Instagram user @rammyfong shared a bunch of great shots, including this beauty.  

Another great pic from Bill Wong with the tower included... check out that profile!

And now from the other side, thanks to this awesome pic from @rammyfong.

The first of many great pictures shared by Instagram user @planelovers15, who had a unique perspective of the Dreamliner.

It was only on the gate for a short while but @planelovers15 from snapped a buch of great close up shots of this beautiful bird. Note the distinctive nacelles.


Another distinguishing feature of the Dreamliner is the sparrow nose, captured beautifully by Twitter user @konstantin_oi.

 Another cool shot from in tight from @konstantin_oi using human beings for scale.

One of our regular spotters @YvRPhotographer managed to grab this great shot from out front while the aircraft made its way out for departure. Thanks for the pic!


@charlieoscar98 took a few pictures, none better than this full body shot of the Dreamliner taxiing out for take off after its first brief visit.

Thanks again to all the awesome spotters out there who captured this awesome AC aircraft on its inaugural stop at YVR. 


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