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A-B Connector Project Video Series - Recycling

Work is well underway on the new A-B Connector Project, an upgraded area of YVR’s domestic terminal designed to make the airport experience more efficient – and more pleasurable – for passengers travelling to Canadian destinations.
The installation of structural steel that will form the “bones” of the new A-B Connector is more than half-way complete, and some concrete floors have already been poured! There are a lot of cool things happening as part of the project over the next number of months, including the arrival of massive steel pieces of trusses that will be a feature inside the building. Each truss is are each about nearly the size of a 737 Q400 aircraft, the new aircraft used by WestJet Encore.
But before we show you how the new A-B Connector will go up, we wanted to share what happens to parts of the 1968-era terminal that had to come down.
We think you’ll be surprised…

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  • Brian wrote on Dec 05 2013 AT 11:11 PM

    Hi, I was just watching the video, and I noticed that in the rendering for the main A/B connector area (about 0:16), there appears to be an overhead walkway similar to the one you'd find in the international terminal. Does that walkway serve the same purpose (i.e. can international flights arrive in A/B)?
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