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  • Craig's Corner: Sharing Our Success

    When I look back at 2015, it’s hard to believe all the announcements, events and activities we managed to pile into twelve months.
  • Craig's Corner: Accessible Airport

    We want everybody to be able to fly comfortably through YVR, period. Regardless of any disability, no matter the barrier, we are going to try our absolute hardest to accommodate your situation and make the travel experience as enjoyable as possible. And we think we do a pretty darn good job. But, we definitely have room to make major improvements,
  • Craig's Corner: Blueprint for the Future

    On October 29, I will deliver my third annual address to the Vancouver Board of Trade, a tradition established by YVR’s former CEOs David Emerson and Larry Berg.
  • Craig's Corner: On Our Busiest Days

    Have you ever stood still at YVR and watched as thousands of travellers move by? It’s an inspiring sight, but what’s more incredible is contemplating the collective effort it takes to move this seemingly infinite crowd.
  • Craig's Corner: Project Night Owl

    It will be no surprise to most travelers that the Vancouver Airport is a 24-hour enterprise. YVR’s Maintenance, Operations and Engineering departments work around the clock, as do many of our business partners including ambulance, security, police, cleaners and airside escorts. What are they all doing? They’re taking care of our passengers.
  • Craig's Corner: Sharing Our Success

    July was a fantastic month of firsts for YVR and our partners, bringing a host of exciting new air and retail services for our passengers and communities.
  • Craig's Corner: Involving You in Building a Better Airport

    It’s not hard to tell that we are officially in YVR’s 100 busiest days ever. The airport is alive with passengers from around the world, many of whom are shopping at our stores and interacting with our staff. And whether transiting through YVR or stopping in Vancouver, these passengers are all contributing to YVR’s ambitious goal of 25 million passengers by 2020.
  • Craig's Corner: Building a World-Class, Sustainable Hub

    Vancouver Airport Authority recently held its 2014 Annual Public Meeting, where we got a chance to review all the amazing things that happened at YVR last year. I hope some of you had a chance to attend as we went over what was an incredible year at the airport.
  • Craig's Corner: Safety First

    Safety is paramount at YVR. It’s embedded into all our decision making and is our core corporate value. Over the next few weeks, there are many examples of how we ensure the safety of our passengers, partners, staff and community is top of mind.
  • Craig's Corner: The Business of Transportation

    In his monthly column, Craig talks about the business of transportation.
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