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The arrival of the All Nippon Airways R2D2 ANA JET created a huge buzz at YVR when it arrived from a galaxy far, far away on October 18. Between the plane spotters snapping photos of the landing and all the people who came out to the Observation Area, it was an amazing day at the airport celebrating this special Star Wars livery. You can see a facebook album here, or scroll through some of the photos below to get a glimpse of this rare bird. 

The R2D2 ANA JET will make a number of stops in San Jose in late October and early November before flying off to Brussels for a couple cameos on November 4 and 6. It will then fly to Seattle a few times in early December before soaring Down Under to Sydney on December 11. For more information on R2D2 and other ANA special Star Wars aircraft visit their website, and may The Force be with you!

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