Reduce Emissions

From investing in sustainable transportation like Canada Line to improving cycling infrastructure on Sea Island and offering incentives for taxis at YVR, the Airport Authority aims to reduce greenhouse gas and air-pollutant emissions by working with our business partners.

Cycling Infrastructure Improvements

Several new bike paths on Sea Island were built in 2012, including on-road and off-road connections. Paved shoulders were added to Grant McConachie Way and Inglis Drive. Off-road connections were added between North Service Road and the terminal, and around the No. 2 Rd Bridge. Take a look at our detailed map of Sea Island’s bike routes for more information.

Improving Fleet Efficiency

The Airport Authority continues to improve our fleet by replacing older, larger vehicles with appropriately-sized fuel-efficient models. In 2012, eight new light-duty vehicles were introduced to the fleet including: one electric utility vehicle, one hybrid-electric vehicle and two compact fuel-efficient vehicles. In addition to introducing these vehicles, 11 older light-duty vehicles and two buses were retired from service, decreasing overall fuel consumption.

Taxi Incentives

The Airport Authority offers a significant annual discount on licensing fees to taxi operators with low-emission vehicles. In 2012, 71% in the fleet serving YVR were hybrid-electric vehicles – a 7% increase over 2011.

Looking for more information about our Environmental performance in 2012?

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