Reducing Waste

We strive to set a good example and aim to reduce our impact on the environment through recycling and waste diversion. In 2014, we recycled 1.3 of 3.8 million kilograms of materials, totaling a 35 per cent diversion rate—three per cent lower than 2013. Diverted materials included bottles, paper, pallets, glass, metal and plastics.


YVR continued to raise awareness about the need to divert waste from landfill and continued to drive toward an anticipated Metro Vancouver ban on organic materials from landfill in 2015. We composted over 8,000 kg of organics in 2014, totaling 31,000 kg of compostable material kept out of landfill since the introduction of pilot composting programs in 2012.


The Airport Authority and its construction contractors continued to successfully reuse and recycle construction waste materials in 2014, generated mainly by several large construction projects including the A-B Connector and the Airside Operations Building. A total of 93 per cent of construction waste materials—3.5 million kilograms—were recycled or reused.


An additional 205,000 kilograms of used wood, metals, landscaping materials and other miscellaneous debris associated with YVR maintenance was recycled or diverted in 2014. Instead of being sent to the landfill, these items were processed by a sorting facility in Richmond.


The Airport Authority encourages its employees to lessen their impact on the environment through sustainable choices. 2014 marked the planning phase to trial Bonfire, an online tool that assists in managing bid evaluations. This tool eliminates paper submissions, reducing paper waste and transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

We also rolled out a “Think Before You Print” campaign to reduce employee printing. The campaign informed employees of the resource costs associated with printing, instilled accountability and encouraged electronic collaboration. 2014 also saw planning for the trial of a printing campaign requiring employees to swipe their work access cards to release print jobs.

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