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Performance Based Navigation

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is a new and efficient way to safely navigate aircraft.

Performance Based Navigation offers enhanced efficiency, precision and reduced environmental impact. By using GPS technology and sophisticated avionics, PBN is becoming the new worldwide standard for aircraft navigation. Over the next few years, as aircraft are updated with the new technology, YVR expects to see more airlines using PBN to access the airport.  

Navigation technologies

Under PBN, there are two types of navigation technologies:

  • Area Navigation (RNAV)
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP)

RNP is more precise. Its systems monitor and adjust to keep the aircraft on a defined flight path.


Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Fact Sheet  849 KB

Improved Aircraft Operations at YVR (video)

Required Navigation Performance (RNP)

NAV CANADA is developing RNP arrival procedures for airports across Canada. On October 15, 2015, YVR became the first Canadian airport to make RNP procedures available to eligible arriving aircraft.